Sunday, 3 November 2013

The power of social media - including LinkedIn!

I have to admit, I'm an old school guy and have started learning about and using the various social media platforms - both for my diving fin company CETATEK and in my life as a sculptor - grudgingly and with a bit of skepticism. However, back in June, through a LinkedIn group, what started out to be just another interesting conversation with someone I did not know, about my sculpture the Guardian of the Reef, soon became a serious email and phone discussion with Jay and Nancy Easterbrook of Divetech Ltd in Grand Cayman. Very shortly after that, we had reached an agreement, signed a contract, and now the Guardian is cast in bronze, will be on display at the DEMA booth in Orlando next week, and then heads to Cayman to be sunk at Divetech's Lighthouse Point dive center on January 26th. (Weather permitting) Many thanks to Jay and Nancy for their vision and commitment, and to LinkedIn for making the connection possible! THAT's the power of social