Thursday 22 January 2015


In August 2014 a cruise ship dragged its anchor over a reef in Grand Cayman. A major restoration is underway and need your help.

To help raise funds for the Cayman Reef Restoration Project I will donate 40% of the proceeds from the sale of any bronze sculpture in current inventory to the cause.

They can be seen on these specific links to my website pages:

“Amphitrite”: Sunset’s Mermaid
1/12 scale:
1/6 scale:
1/3 scale:

“Hang Time” Technical diver
¼ Life scale

“Crossroads” Manatee Mother & Calf
“Dofleini Domain” Giant Pacific Octopus
“Orca Spirit” Killer Whale
“The Navigator” The Head, Hands and Sextant portions of the “Tradition” sculpture in Heroes Square, Georgetown
To reach me for more information on any piece, click on “Purchase” on the relevant page. This will take you to a contact page. Please just send me an email from there with “Cayman Reef Restoration Project” in the body. I’ll get in touch with you as quickly as I can.
I will also offer this on the new limited edition sculpture of the Guardian of the Reef, available in a few weeks.…
My homepage is
Grand Cayman and its people have been very good to me. I hope I can help with this program.
Simon Morris